£111.00 GBP

Light Activation - Private Session

Light Activation is a private session tailored
to Your Soul's needs and desires.

Tap into Your Essence and meet your Being in its full potential.

What you'll get:

  • 50 - 60 minutes online private session with a recording to work with these energies later on
  • I become a conduit for Source Light to communicate and co-create with your Being
  • We will be in a slightly meditative state whilst you're awake and present the whole time
  • I'll be channelling energies to clear and unblock what's needed before we download and anchor the template of your essence into your physical body
  • During our session I'll be using Light Language to bring high frequencies, codes and keys to assist on your ascension journey
  • Recording will by shared with you via Google Drive so you can download it and work with it in your own pace

[Disclaimer: None of the work included in this space is substitute for medical advice. Should you experience medical problems, please seek advice of relevant professionals.]