The Journey Within

Create more space in your mind and body to harvest more abudance.

This will be an intimate group of only 8 people.


We are inviting you for a one day transformational experience
where you have the chance to let go of your old self
and truly step into your unlimited abilities.

This is the time when the world is in perfect equilibrium between light and dark, day and night, summer and winter. 

 A perfect time to
start anew and make changes to cultivate greater balance and abundance into your life. 

The workshop will be filled with
magic, channelled energy transmission and of course,
the power of your very own Being.



Ceremonial Cacao to open and expand your heart 


Allow yourself to drift away into the space of your heart with this ancient cacao ceremony.
Awaken you heart chakra and connect with the centre of your Being, space of absolute acceptance, love and purity.


Connected breathwork and somatic release


Dive deep into your mind, body and spirit with the power of connected breathwork. Merge your physical and spiritual worlds to let go of what no longer serves your highest self during this powerful somatic release using your breath. 


Channelled Energy Transmission and Light Language

Invite the beauty of your magical being into your reality and see yourself through the eyes of Source. Expand your consciousness with channelled energetic transmission, Light Language and support from Beings of Light.

What to expect:
Bringing energy of Consciousness for support during this transformation

clearing blocks, resistance and disruptive energy from our body with the power of breathwork

connecting to our heart during cacao ceremony

experiencing deep healing on a soul and physical level

tapping into the infinite field of abundance that surrounds us 

inviting and anchoring the true essence of our Being

small intimate group, only 8 spaces available



Enjoy plant based lunch

We will enjoy together a delicious plant based meal to nourish ourselves after a morning full of transformation.


Time to nurture your body in the Spa 

Enjoy time to relax and replenish yourself during the afternoon break in the pool, sauna & spa.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Please call, message or email Kevin
to reserve your space

07885 080729

[email protected]


 You'll receive bank details and your space will be reserved after payment was made.

Cost: £111
Concessions available

Address: Maple Farm
Rosemary Lane
Surrey GU6 8EZ

[email protected]