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I’m Nikoleta,
a Lightworker, Spiritual and Soul Aligned Business Coach. I'll guide You on Your Journey to Spiritual awakening and creating Your life just like You deserve it!

Come to play with us and Reach your Soul's Potential NOW!

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Experience YOUR entire BEing

within Your Human Self.


Get in touch with Your Soul's Potential and start to live as a MULTIDIMENDIONAL Being with limitless possibilities in this Beautiful Physical World.

You can really BE, Do and Create everything You Desire.

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Spaces are limited, please book your spot on [email protected]

Do you wish to step into your power
and walk your Soul path with joy and self confidence?
Now is the time! 💫
I am inviting you to a Channelled Guided meditation with powerful energetic transfer that can completely transform your life.
These meditations will help you connect to your very own essence and Source within, activate higher frequencies within your Being and everyday life, initiate self healing process and much more.
I will be channeling Beings of Light and collective consciousness and the energy and theme is always channelled for the needs of participants.
Let your mind rest and let yourself bask in deliciousness of healing Universal energy.
These meditations are suitable for everyone who is willing to choose more.
What to bring
Blanket, pillow, water and anything that makes you comfortable during meditations 
£10 paid on door
There is no parking for this venue but you can find off road parking near by or BCP car park on Avenue Road.

for Higher Heart Activation

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 Channelled Guided Meditations



Let the Guides take you on a Journey of basking into healing connection with the source itself, guides and beings of light.

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Heal - Transform - Activate - Create - Rise

Programs for all of those that are ready to take a deeper look and experiencing connection and your Soul's potential

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Workshops and courses coming soon!


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Follow my Journey for inspiration,  motivation and insights to Source energy that speaks to us every moment of our existence.

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