Activate the Light within and watch Your Gifts Unfold.

Invite healing of Divine Love into your heart and let it change
Your reality

Light Activation is an energy transmission that will help you anchor your true Light into your entire BEing.

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Healing with Divine Love

Let you mind body and spirit bask in the beaty of Divine Love and Source energy.

We start with a gentle meditation to become more receptive and relaxed
to the powerful energy of Divine Love.

Light Activation is an energy transmission

I become a conduit for Source Light energy which will bring clearing,
healing and activation to your Being.

This evening will be focused on pure love that will heal any past hurts, sadness, fears so you can open your heart and trust in the beauty of life once again. 

This works energetically on all levels and will be working with you
after the session too.

Part of this transmission might be Light Language and
deep journey within your heart. 

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Wherever you are on your journey
Light Activation is helping you to take another step forward
on your Ascension path...

What to expect?

  • Channelled meditation with Light Transmission
  • Light Language to bring higher frequencies, Cosmic codes and keys
  • Energy clearing and healing
  • Experiencing flow of Divine Love through your mind, body and spirit
  • Deep spiritual healing and awakening to state of Love
  • Balancing and activating your energy centres
  • You might experience energy moving through your body on a physical level and emotional release
  • Feeling of "homecoming" and meeting your Being

Where and when?

Friday, 16th February
19.00 - 20.00

Link will be sent to you after registration
(check your SPAM folder)

Recordings will be sent within 24 hours after we finish

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Who will guide You?

Motivational speaker, channel of Divine Light and Healer anchoring higher frequencies.

Nikoleta's life passion and Soul purpose is
to awaken people to their true potential and their ability to create reality as multidimensional Beings.

A huge part of her work is helping people
on their Ascension journey
with channelled wisdom and Light Activations.

Whilst the connection to Source energy is bringing high frequencies and cosmic codes individually, we can all together raise our vibration, expand our consciousness and open our hearts.

Experience Unity and Oneness with Source and one another.

…because the whole world is waiting for Your Light...