Hi! Iā€™mĀ Nikoleta


I used to dream aboutĀ life that excites me and fills my heart and Soul with Joy and Love.Ā 

Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?
No one believed me but I didn't give up :)

I needed to lose myself first to truly find who I am.

Now I help others to find themselves in this life time, connect them to their Higher Purpose and Happiness and create life that they desire and DESERVE.

You really are Beautiful, Magnificent, Powerful and Magical Creator of Your Life!

If you don't believe me, I will gladly show you ;)

When you connect to Your Being, You are tapping into all the Abundance, Power, Abilities and Reality that Your Soul has already designed and created for YOU.

Like many of us, I had to hit the rock bottom to see the falseness and shallowness of life I have lived. This self realisation led me to a path of Awakening and Self Healing. Very quickly I realised one thing

"If I could change my life and turn it into something Greater, surely I can show others too..."

After learning andĀ practicing many different techniques, I suddenly noticed one thing!

It's not about the technique You use...

And so I stepped on my Path and I followed my Life Purpose of bringing Light deep to the core of Beautiful Beings who are READY to see who they truly are and what they can Achieve.

Just like them, Your Being is just waiting for You to take a step and harvest the Energy of the entire Universe that will lead you along the way to your very own Life Path, Abundance, Happiness and your Unique Gifts.Ā 

What do I do and how do I work?


Most of us sense or feel some sort of external life force which we might call God, The Universe, Spirit or Source.

Whether we know it or not we are all connected to this life force which I call Source Light.

What I do is act as a bridge or channel for this Source Light so that it is becomes accessible to you & you become conscious of it.

This Source Light energy will activate your unique essence and will fully reconnect and align you with your Soul's purpose.
This will allow you to receive deep spiritual healing and awakening, balance your chakras
and calibrate your energy to a higher vibration.