Activate the Light within and watch Your Gifts Unfold.

 I didn't like to share my story before...

I kept the story to myself as something that felt
soo so far away, almost
like a different life time.
Until one day
Diana Cooper asked me,
what's your story?

In that moment I realised how important it is to share it
and to remind myself that life
I live today comes from
my commitment to follow
my heart...
And I am inviting you
to do the same.

Follow Your Heart,
it always knows the way...

My Story

When I was 20,
I was at university, having a lot of fun as students do.
Not knowing how my life is going to change.

Out of the blue I woke up one morning with patches
of very itchy eczema everywhere.
Within a couple of weeks my entire upper body was covered in open sores.
My face had swollen to double the size and I couldn’t bear to be seen! 

Within a short period of time my life had changed utterly.
I had to give up my two jobs and was allowed to study at home. 

The hospital said I would have it for my whole life and nothing could be done. 
That’s where my journey started.

I tried everything, from EFT, acupuncture, alternative ways to Homeopathy – everything…

I kept asking, ‘Why Me?’

Then I realised I had to look for the cause within myself.
I went into deep meditation and connected with my higher self and the archangels for the first time ever. They helped me to understand who I really am and to step onto my Soul path.
This was completely new to me and little did I know that one day
I will channel these beautiful Beings.

This was start of my journey where I learned how to work with Akashic Records and how important it is to work with our emotions and Soul.

Within 6 months the eczema begin to disappear until one day it was all gone.
My doctor was amazed.
I still remember her face when she looked at me and said:
"I didn't recognize you. How did you do it?!"

Now I am so grateful that I went through that initiation and ten years later
I channel Light Beings and Source energy.

A big part of my healing was when I was shown who I am and what I am here to do. 

Even when I was a child I knew that we come to Earth to enjoy our life experience but for many years I was stuck, worked too hard and was just getting by.
I knew inside that wasn’t how it was meant to be. I was convinced that we all have a gift or talent and if we do what brings us joy the money and abundance will follow. 

I realised that what brought me the greatest satisfaction was to show others how to heal themselves, how to create a joyful life and to connect with Source within them.  After all I had healed myself and transformed my life, so I could help others to do the same.

Now I have bought a beautiful home by the sea.
I love the human experience and connections.

I see private clients and groups, workshops and leading transformational retreats.
I work online and travel for work as well. This was my BIG dream, to travel and help others to see themselves for who they are.

As I am living my dream,
I'd like to show you that you can live yours too.

I help people to connect with Source energy
and enhance their psychic  and healing abilities,
to connect with Source that is within us all and create life that your Soul desires.

Every step we take is important on our journey and I am here to help you
take another step on yours.

I'm channelling Source Light, bringing Cosmic keys and codes for you
to unlock your highest potential.

... because the whole world is waiting for your Light ....