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Group Session Reviews

Pernille Z.

With deepest gratitude, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Words can not express my gratitude !

My soul told me to replay your workshop. I stepped even more clearly into my new version of myself. In the most beautiful radiant golden delicate pink energies with a white halo and white robes. I was feminine with golden-white very long hair, but like no breasts as a woman and star portals floating out in front of my 3rd eye/4th eye/.5th eye and my hearts…….. it was - unforgettable.


I was excited to attend the live and your light language was like remembering purest joy and wonder! I experienced the light codes as I have never before as pure liquid light and colour and then they took on 3 dimensional shape and grew and I could step inside them. What a magical sensory and feeling experience. 

Infinite Gratitude to You!


"Dear Nikoleta,

Thank you so much for this meditation and your healing! 

It is amazing, unbelievable and just astonishing. 

Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

I saw, when I was with the Indians in America, a brother who put an arrow in my heart cracking it now. 

I saw my wife as my soulmate in different lives. 

I saw Odin (encompassing female aspects) on his throne getting up and coming down to me. 

I saw that I am light and darkness and that I could free lots of souls today. 


Lots of love, blessings and all the best,

Thomas "

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