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Divine Love Healing Reviews

"Hi Nikoleta,

I'm Rashmi from India. I had an amazing experience with the meditation.
I felt the energy move through my body
as soon as you started the meditation and was feeling shivers every now and then.
I could also feel something flowing down my crown chakra like a melting feeling. I went into deep deep sleep,
my body was so heavy. I could only catch bits and pieces of what you were saying.
And when you were about to finish the meditation I was fully awake. 

My body was still very heavy but when I opened my eyes I could see
Sacred Geometric patterns all over the roof of my room. It was so clear, yellow and white patterns.
I just lay there for sometime just watching. It was a wonderful experience.

I did it a couple more times later on and was still feeling the energy moving down my Crown chakra.

Today though, something interesting happened.
I wasn't really called to do it again today, because yesterday I did it so many times.
But I thought, let me try atleast for a few minutes. I went into trance state but intrusive thoughts started coming up.
I just kept ignoring it, and then Ads started playing in the Video😯
I know it's a private video and there were no ads the first day I did it. 

The Divine won't give us more than what we can handle or need I guess😀 

Anyways, thank you so much for making this healing available to us. Hope to catch up again in your sessions.


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