Activate the Light within and watch Your Gifts Unfold.

 Private Session Reviews


"Thank you from the depths of my heart. I had no conscious idea what the session would be, only that I was drawn to you after hearing about you from Diana Cooper’s newsletter.

I am knowing that I will integrate this new way of perceiving myself and stay open to the opportunities that come.

Your work is so beautiful; it has such sensitivity, power and flow to it. Much like your being. And every time the light language came through, I smiled. It felt so nurturing, like home. 

God bless you 💙"

Monique A

"First thank you so much for the beautiful reading. It touched me deeply.

It is beyond words and was really very special. Felt so understood, loved, supported and released from old patterns. I feel my lovely light insight and keep on smiling.

By my enthusiasm and seeing what it did for me, my husband  will make an appointment too.

Thanks again a thousands times."

Iwona K

"I want to thank you once again for the powerful session with you.

The energy you brought in cleared my bodies in a way I didn’t think I needed but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It cleansed some emotional baggage I wasn’t aware of but it affected me.

I am looking forward with excitement to what is ahead, today, for the firs time I am leading a meditation( in a small group ) and I’ll see where my Higher Self and my guides will direct me in my life.

Session with you was transformative and encouraging.


Love and blessings"

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Light Activation
Private Session 


An individual energetic session
to awaken the deepest parts
of your Soul
These sessions are very unique and they are tailored to suit the needs
of your Being.

We will be working through any blocks that may be in the way on your journey and activate your connection
to Source
deepen your intuition and psychic abilities.

I become a conduit for Source Light
to co-create with your Higher Self. 
With Light Activation we can bring through exactly what you need on your ascension journey at this time.

Light Activation Session