Activate the Light within and watch Your Gifts Unfold.

I know you're feeling it too.

Our body has been telling us for a while.

A magical time of transformation that spread across this planet and we have a privilege to be part of it.

Your Soul has been preparing you your whole life for this.
To be the Being you are at your core and who you came here to be.

This transformational energy intensifies with time to prepare us for the next step on our Journey.

Activate your Light body with light language.

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Join us for an energetic session full of Light.

Light activation is an energetic transmission.
In connection with source, Light Language, Light codes and High frequencies
will be channelled to ease the process of Light Body activation.

An experience like no other.

"My husband and I took part in Nikoleta's Light Activation evening.

It was such a wonderful journey to source and high vibrations.

Nikoleta's soft guidance and intuition took us at such a deep level. I have felt the benefits from it for days now and I know from experience, that more is to come.

An experience like no other. I cannot recommend Nikoleta enough 🙏"


A magical journey
from start to finish

"Experiencing a meditation session with Nikoleta is such a magical journey from start to finish.

Channelling love and light, she makes you feel so calm and up lifted at the same time. I would highly recommend."



We will receive the magic of our Being

A guided channelled meditation will help us
slow down our mind and align with the energy of our unique essence.

Light Activation will help you anchor this energy into your mind, body and spirit.

Light Activation is an energy transmission

I become a conduit for Source Light energy which will bring clearing,
healing and activation to your Being.

This works energetically on all levels and will be working with you
after the session too.

Part of this transmission is Light Language and a deep journey within.


Wherever you are on your journey,
this Light Activation is helping you to take another step forward
on your Ascension path...









What to expect?

  • Channelled meditation
  • Energy clearing and healing
  • Balancing and activating your energy centres
  • Activating dormant energies and gifts
  • You might experience energy moving through your body on a physical level and emotional release
  • Feeling of "homecoming" and meeting your Being

Join us from the comfort of your own home.

  • make sure you are uninterrupted and warm during Light Transmission
  • wear cosy warm clothes
  • have a bottle of water nearby
  • journal and pen, you can receive information, ideas and insights that you wouldn't like to forget
  • you can bring your favourite crystal, if you'd wish to enhance it with this energy
  • and last but not least
    Yourself with open mind and heart

Where and when?

Online via Zoom

Wednesday, 11th June,
19.00 - 20.00 BST

Registration needed

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Who will guide You?

Motivational speaker, channel of Source Light and Healer anchoring higher frequencies.
Nikoleta's life passion and Soul purpose is to awaken people to their true potential and their ability to create reality as a multidimensional Beings.

A huge part of her work is helping people
on their Ascension journey
with channelled wisdom and Light Activations.

Whilst the connection to Source energy is bringing high frequencies and cosmic codes we can all together raise our vibration, expand our consciousness and open our hearts and experience Unity and Oneness with Source and one another.