Activate the Light within and watch Your Gifts Unfold.

Your Soul came to experience abundant life in a way that makes you feel satisfied and joyful.

Download your 5D abundance blueprint and create a reality where spiritual realm meets the material world and create heaven on Earth.

This Light Activation will allow you to:

- download your 5D abundance blueprint
- align your BEing with the most abundant version of yourself
- find out what abundance means for your Soul
- shift your mindset to see abundance through the eyes of Source
- anchor your 5D blueprint and realign your energy centers, mind, body and spirit
- let go of shame and disappointment from lack of whatever is important for you to have
- shift energy blocks around money
- being called to create more abundance in your life

This healing will stay with your Being long after the session.

You can use the recording of this energetic transmission
whenever you find yourself
being called to raise your vibration again.

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Expect the unexpected
and allow your desires to manifest into your reality.

We will be working with:

  • Your very own 5D abundance blueprint
  • Source Light energy
  • Light language¬†
  • Light Activation Transmission

What People say:

"Last Saturday 24th February,
Full Moon, I visited Egypt and the Great Pyramids during a Light Activation meditation guided by Nikoleta Zolner.
I was with the cat and Lion people,
Sirius and Lyra star systems,
that I know of.

As well as other experiences,
there was a collective rebirth and spine lengthening.
Sekhmet was there.

It's so interesting that many of us have had similar experiences recently."



What to expect?

  • Channelled meditation
  • Source Light energy will be working on all levels of your BEing to download and anchor your blueprint
  • Raising vibration to higher frequencies
  • You might experience energy moving through your body on a physical level and an emotional release
  • Feeling of "homecoming" and meeting your Being

Join us from the comfort of your own home.

  • make sure you are uninterrupted
    and warm during the Light Transmission
  • wear cosy warm clothes
  • have a bottle of water nearby
  • journal and pen, you can receive information,
    ideas and insights that you wouldn't like to forget
  • you can bring your favourite crystal,
    if you'd wish to enhance the energy
  • and last but not least
    Yourself with an open mind and heart


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Who will guide You?

Motivational speaker,
channel of Source Light
and Healer anchoring high frequencies.

Nikoleta's life passion
and Soul purpose is to awaken people
to their true potential and their ability
to create reality as a multidimensional Being.

A huge part of her work is helping people on their Ascension journey
with channelled wisdom and Light Activations.

Whilst the connection to Source energy is bringing high frequencies and cosmic codes
we can all together raise our vibration,
expand our consciousness and open our hearts
to experience Unity and Oneness
with Source and one another.