Light Activation

Light Activation is a private session tailored
to Your Soul's needs and desires.

Tap into Your Essence and meet your Being in its full potential.

Are You ready to Activate Your Light?

Who will benefit from Light Activation?

The short answer is, everyone.
However, to truly recognise the Light within
and create from this space You are someone who:

is open minded and eager to anchor more of their essence
 has a desire to unlock their potential
is familiar with energy work or meditation
 is recognising in themselves trades of a lightworker, empath, healer, etc.
 wishes to create life with their gifts and talents
 is ready to invite their unique essence into their live
 is prepared to shine 🤍

Light Activation...

will pick you up wherever you are
on your journey and move the energy of your whole Being one step further on your Ascension

How this works?

I become a conduit for Source Light
to come through and unlock and activate dormant energies
within your Being

Your Higher Self ...

is in charge the entire time.
Making sure you won't receive too little or too much and you are always safe and supported.

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Light Activation Session

What will happen?

  • We meet in safe and private space online
  • I become a conduit for Source Light to communicate and co-create with your Being
  • We will be in a slightly meditative state whilst you're awake and present the whole time
  • I'll be channelling energies to clear and unblock what's needed before we download and anchor the template of your essence into your physical body
  • During our session I'll be using Light Language to bring high frequencies, codes and keys to assist on your ascension journey
  • Recording will by shared with you via Google Drive so you can download it and work with it in your own pace

Activation is only the beginning...

...and the energy will be working with you much longer.

Even though our session will take
60 minutes, we will set you up for a journey full of new opportunities and growth
on many levels.

Light Activation is more
than a one of session

  • You'll be able to work with the recording on ongoing basis to align and anchor to your essence
  • Energies from our meeting will be gently tunning you onto your new path which will reflect in your life as subtle or more obvious shifts in your conscious mind 
  • You might feel different and in need of changing certain environments, conversations, habbits, etc.
    You're called to step forward rather than holding onto what's no longer serves you
  • As the energy will be working with you it will be ALWAYS your choice but the urge will be much stronger and clearer

You can listen to the recording whenever you feel you're slipping back into your old habits.

Will it work online?

If you found yourself on this website than I believe you know already we are all made of energy.

We will be working in an energy field that is accessible anywhere we are in the world and we always meet at the same place and time in this Universe.

My Being will be guiding YOU

  • We meet in an energetic field to shift, unblock, clear anything that would be blocking you on your Ascension journey
  • I'll become a conduit for energy to create a space, where you can co-create with your Being and Source Light
  • During whole session you'll be connected to your physical body and yet perceiving changes on a spiritual, emotional, energy and mental level. 
    If you're sensitive you will feel this energy working on your physical level, too.
  • Years of practice online are proven to work thanks to positive feedback
  • This works wherever you are on this beautiful planet

Is your Soul calling you to activate your Light?
If you can't find a suitable time/day for a private session,
why not joining one of our group energetic transmission
for more info click here
or alternatively join the waiting list and I will be in touch soon
with new dates and times, message me here [email protected]

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Clients Love

"I had a session with nikoleta and it was so insightful and life changing. Her gentle ways and on point intuition makes it the most amazing experience. I have seen incredible mindset shift since having the treatment and will be back for more. I can't recommend Nikoleta enough. Thank you "

Steph, homeopathy
and life coach

Dear Nikoleta, 
I have to say a massive thank you. I am so very grateful and happy. It was very powerful and beautiful to meet again with Beings of LIght, Angels, Fairies and to feel my true core, my essence. It's beautiful.

Everything I perceived and felt was like coming back home in deep peace, love and joy.

In moments when healing was taking place, negative thought patterns and some blockages were removed my Being started to dance freely and peacefully. 
And to see the beauty of my heart was an unforgettable experience.
My whole Being is filled with gratitude for this healing, for the ability to reconnect with myself, for understanding of how much I was "harming"  myself by not opening up to my gifts.
Huge thank you.

Šárka J., therapist and facilitator

Dear Niki, it's hard to describe what happened during our session. It was something between heaven and Earth. Light Activation goes really deep, felt it in my Being, recalibration of my body and how every single cell has shifted. I felt connection with Source and there was so much bliss , trust, divine love and safety.
I danced with my heghest self and went on a date with my future. It was a connection between visible and invisible. A space of complete acceptance where we can simply BE, breathe, be joyful and where we just KNOW.

Thank youi

Veronika T, Reiki, Vibe Codes, M5C therapist

"Thank you from the depths of my heart. I had no conscious idea what the session would be, only that I was drawn to you after hearing about you from Diana Cooper’s newsletter. I am knowing that I will integrate this new way of perceiving myself and stay open to the opportunities that come. Your work is so beautiful; it has such sensitivity, power and flow to it. Much like your being. And every time the light language came through, I smiled. It felt so nurturing, like home. 

God bless you





"Hello Nikoleta,

Thank you so much for a  healing yesterday. It was so powerful and deep. Every word you said deeply resonated with me . I will be listening to it many times I feel.  I am so grateful for meeting you and being able to have this healing . I really hope things will change for me and I will be able to live my life and be happy. 

Thank you very much again."



"Hello Nikoleta,

First thank you so much for the beautiful reading. It touched me deeply.

It is beyond words and was really very special. Felt so understood, loved, supported and released bfrom old patterns. I feel my lovely light insight and keep on smiling.

I phoned the bank. They confirmed my attempt to pay but there was a technical disorder and the second time i

confirmed once instead of twice, oops.

I can see in my account that it is payed  properly now.  I hope that you receive it well otherwise please lett me know.

By my enthusiasm and seeing what it did for me, my husband  will make an appointment too.

Thanks again a thousands times,

From the old lady and me:),

With love,
Monique A."

"I recently had an amazing channelled energy session with Nikoleta.

She was able to calm my mind, help me realign my chakras
and clear some energy
blockages that I had.

I now feel completely
re energised and in alignment
with my true life's purpose."


Hi Nikoleta,
Today has been truly transformational. I've been placing my palms on my heart, just like yesterday during our session. I have a little headache and feel physically a little bit off but I am feeling great 🥰️ I can still feel gentle tingling on my neck and randomly around my body and I can still smell the scent of lillies of the valley that you mentioned during the session. 🥰️ I fell great 🥰️ I can trust and I feel at peace. There is huge gratitude for what I have and I am feeling blissed.

Romana K.

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Who will guide You?

Motivational speaker, channel of Divine Light and Healer anchoring higher frequencies.
Nikoleta's life passion and Soul purpose is to awaken people to their true potential and their ability to create reality as a multidimensional Beings.

A huge part of her work is helping people
on their Ascension journey
with channelled wisdom and Light Activations.

Whilst the connection to Source energy is bringing high frequencies and cosmic codes we can all together raise our vibration, expand our consciousness and open our hearts and experience Unity and Oneness with Source and one another.