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Hello Beautiful Soul!


I am here to help You
Awaken, Align and Anchor the Light within YOU through channelled energy transmissions and Wisdom of Collective Consciousness of Beings of Light.

Reach your Soul's Potential!

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Experience YOUR entire BEing

within Your Human Self.


Get in touch with Your Soul's Potential and start to live as a MULTIDIMENDIONAL Being with limitless possibilities in this Beautiful Physical World.

You can really BE, Do and Create everything You Desire.

Journey into your Heart
with Ceremonial Cacao and Channelled Energy Transmission


As we sit with a cup of Cacao your heart will expand and your mind, body and spirit will be nurtured by this ancient loving plant medicine.

This experience will be filled with
magic, channelled energy transmission and of course,
the power of your very own Being.

2-3 hours, minimum 4 people, based in Dorset
For more info and booking a group session email [email protected]

Private session in Channelled Energies with Light Language transmission 


An individual energetic session to awaken the deepest parts of your Soul. These sessions are very unique and they are tailored to suit the needs of your Being.
We will be working through any blocks that may be in your way on your journey and activate your connection to Source, deepen your intuition and psychic abilities.

I connect with Collective Consciousness of Beings of Light, your Higher Self and Source Energy to bring through exactly what you need on your journey at this time.

This experience is 60 - 90 minutes long, either live or online and will be recorded for you to continue your healing and ascending journey.

For more details and booking contact me [email protected]

for Higher Heart Activation

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Transformational RETREATS 

An intense transformational journey where You can let go of Your limitations and unlock the Magic of Your Unique Essence.

During channelled workshops, energetic healing, guided meditations and powerful energetic transmissions You can let go of any old versions of yourself and connect to Your Unlimited Potential.

You'll have a chance to see Yourself through the eyes of Source and remember the purpose You chose for this lifetime.
Step into your power and become the creator you truly are.

...because the whole world is waiting for your light...

This experience is 2-4 days, UK or abroad.
Keep your eyes peeled for next adventure.

The Journey within - 5th August

Unlock your true potential and step into the Lion's Gate
as the best version of Yourself.

We are inviting you for a Transformational experience
where you have a chance to let go of your old self
and truly step into your unlimited abilities.
This is the perfect time to align your energy
with your endless potential and walk through the powerful
Lion's gate with confidence and love.

The workshop will be filled with
magic, channelled energy transmission and of course,
the power of your very own Being.

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 Channelled Guided Meditations


Let the Guides take you for a Journey,
healing and connection with Source itself and Beings of light.

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Heal - Transform - Activate - Create - Ascend


Activational programu for those who are ready to divé deeper into their unlimited potential and create reality with guidance and wisdom of the Universe.

Workshops and courses coming soon!


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Follow my Journey for more inspiration, motivation and insights to Source energy that speaks to us every moment of our existence.

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